Sensorimotor orthotics Treatment of the Causes, Not Just the Symptoms

Treatment of the Causes, Not Just the Symptoms

There is often a great disparity between the causes and effects of health problems related to posture and the musculoskeletal system. Deformities or weak foot muscles can have a variety of negative impacts.

This is why back pain has been the most widespread health problem for years. The reasons that underlie this and similar complaints amongst about 80% of patients aren’t due to bones, but rather muscular dysfunction. Neck pain is often based on foot deformity, especially if the arch is debilitated and flattened. Many people compensate for this characteristic by tilting their neck and head. This creates an imbalance in the musculoskeletal system. This can result in the neck muscles becoming harder and more painful.

Pain is often only treated with medication. The pain symptom is thereby relieved for the short term, but the cause is not eliminated. MEDREFLEXX specialized insoles treat the specific causes of problems, not just their symptoms - with virtually no side effects.

After a patient survey done by the Society for Posture and Movement Research (Gesellschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsforschung e.V. - GHBF), 78% of MEDREFLEXX users felt a significant reduction in pain.