Healthy from Head to Toe Therapy with sensorimotor specialized insoles from MEDREFLEXX

The nine pads of the specialized are individually filled

Following a more detailed diagnosis, a tailored solution which specifically caters to the patient’s complaints or problems can be conceived.

Through sensorimotor specialized insoles, the foot muscles become stronger and the function and shape of the feet improve. Sensorimotor MEDREFLEXX insoles demonstrably improve posture. This improved posture leads to a better coordination of movement.

The nine pads of the specialized are individually filled. The strengthening and recovery of your feet will no longer be challenged. Step towards painlessness with sensorimotor insoles. For treatment to be successful, the insoles must be worn on a regular basis. After just a few days, you will get used to the new, integrated functions of the specialized insoles. After a few weeks, the filling of the insoles should be adjusted to the foot’s improved muscle tone.

Your doctor and sensorimotor expert will accompany you during your therapy and ensure that the pad is regularly monitored and adjusted so that the insoles are as effective as possible.

Modern research methods document the course of treatment and show the overall effect and success of the therapy.