7 different types of orthotics Choosing the right orthotic for any problem

MEDREFLEXX – Sensorimotor insoles were developed to bring about the strengthening, activation and stabilization of the foot's muscles. Weakened feet actively react to the highly effective, specialized insoles. What results is wellness through strong feet and improved body posture.

  • Developed based on the latest scientific knowledge of orthopaedics and sensorimotor functions.
  • A unique insole – directly from your doctor!
  • 9 individually fillable, firm elastic pads stimulate the foot muscles’ receptors.
  • Rubber granules are used to fill the pads. This allows for a high variability in the sensorimotor stimulation.
  • Filling requires little effort and can be done any number of times
  • Pleasant and careful cushioning by means of a soft insole structure that doesn’t contain any hard elements
  • Insoles can be delivered in a short size, long size, or with extra soft cushioning
  • The insoles fit in every shoe
  • Available in black, dark blue, light brown, beige and gold
  • Manufactured exclusively in Germany with high quality natural materials

Overview of MEDREFLEXX insoles:

Standard orthotic

Model: Standard orthotic Long and proven track record

Our ‚short‘ orthotic has a long and proven track record. Aside from fitting every type of foot and shoe, this universal orthotic is suitable for all complaints. Available in blue, beige, brandy, black and gold.

Slim orthotic

Model: Slim orthotic The perfect choice for women‘s dress shoes

Our slim orthotic is covered in a new type of fabric with a snake skin design. This orthotic offers a slightly narrower fit and is a little thinner – making it the perfect choice for women‘s dress shoes.

Long orthotic

Model: Long orthotic For patients with sensitive feet

A full-length orthotic that provides the same stimulation as our standard orthotic. For patients with sensitive feet who are used to full-length orthotics or who might be unable to tolerate the edge of a shorter orthotic. As this orthotic runs the full length of the shoe, there is no slipping or sliding. Available in beige and black.

Combination orthotic

Model: Combination orthotic Maximum sensorimotor stimulation

Intensive stimulation of the whole foot. Suitable for neurological complaints and patients with forefoot problems. Maximum sensorimotor stimulation. Available in light blue.

Soft orthotic

Model: Soft orthotic With extra layer of cushioning

Offers the same stimulation as our standard orthotic, but with an extra layer of cushioning. For patients with extremely sensitive feet, and for diabetics. Please note: the extra layer of cushioning means it may be necessary to buy a larger size of shoe. Available in beige and black.

Medi-active orthotic

Model: Medi-active orthotic Running in the most natural form

Stimulation to the front and mid foot. Popular as an addition to standard orthotics. Suitable for patients with a particularly active lifestyle (sports enthusiasts) and those unable to tolerate stimulation of the rear foot. Available in dynamic red.

Heel Spurs orthotic

Model: Heel Spurs orthotic The best of two worlds

Sensomotoric stimulation and classic orthopedic soft bedding. For patients with heel spur pain, the soft heel of the heel allows recovery, while the other areas stimulate the entire body according to the known principle. Available in burgundy.

Sensorimotor insoles stimulate the sensors of the feet - stronger signals improve motor skills. The altered sensorimotor perception improves the muscle tone of the entire musculoskeletal system.