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MEDREFLEXX Sensorimotor Orthotics

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MEDREFLEXX – Sensorimotor insoles were developed to strengthen, activate and stabilize the foot's muscles. Weakened feet actively react to the highly effective, specialized insoles. What results is wellness through strong feet. This is where you can find all of the information regarding therapy with sensorimotor insoles.

What are Sensorimotor orthotics?

Through sensorimotor specialized insoles, the foot muscles become stronger and the function and shape of the feet improve… read more

Types of orthotics

An overview of the 6 different types of Medreflexx orthotics: Choosing the right orthotic for any problem... readmore

Information for Patients

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The Medreflexx therapy concept is a “head to toe” quality package - and it should stay that way. Therefore, the insoles are only prescribed by authorized physicians and sensorimotor experts. Sensorimotor experts in your area you can find here…

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Find your MedReflexx Sensorimotor experts on a interactive map… read more

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